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Welcome to Wild Dunes, your beach front Community!

Wild Dunes is a beachfront Community of 2135 properties on the northern tip of the Isle of Palms.  The development of Wild Dunes began in 1972 when Finch Properties purchased the site from J. C. Long.  Finch Properties sold the land to Sea Pines Company who initially planned to develop the planned residential Community named the Isle of Palms Beach and Racquet Club. Sea Pines later sold its interest in the property to Wilbur Smith and Associates and Finch Properties in 1976 and construction began in 1977.

Wild Dunes Associates purchased the property in 1983 and in the 1980s the Community flourished with the addition of homes, villas, condominiums and Resort amenities.  Initially, the community centered around a tennis complex but in the early 1980s, the Wild Dunes Links golf course was added, and the name of the community changed to Wild Dunes Beach and Racquet Club (and later changed to Wild Dunes Resort).  A second golf course (Harbor Course) was opened in 1986.  In 1989, Hurricane Hugo passed over the Isle of Palms, significantly impacting Wild Dunes and slowing development.

In 1990, Destination Wild Dunes (a division of Lowe Enterprises) purchased portions of the property and by 1993 completed its acquisition of all Resort amenities.  The commercial amenities of the Resort continued to expand throughout the late 1990s and 2000s with the addition of hotel and conference space, mixed use (residential/commercial) development and pools.   Along with the commercial development, residential development has also progressed to near full development of all available lots.  In 2018, Dart Interests joined Lowe Enterprises as a partner in Wild Dunes, LLC.

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Membership in the association is mandatory and automatic for all owners. Our Governing Documents create a binding relationship between each owner and the association. Mandatory assessments are charged to each owner to fund the operation of the association and maintenance of the common properties. Please note: owning property does not provide use of amenities such as golf, tennis, or Resort-owned pools. Please click on ‘Useful Links’ and ‘Wild Dunes Resort’ to find out more regarding membership to the Wild Dunes Club.

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About Wild Dunes Community Association

The Wild Dunes Community Association (WDCA) was initially established on April 7, 1977, as the Isle of Palms Beach and Racquet Club Association.  In 1988, when the residential development of the Community reached the level defined in the Covenants, the governance and the majority membership of the Board passed to the Community members.   Initially the management of the WDCA affairs was handled by a contracted management company.  In 1998, WDCA shifted Community management to an internal staff augmented with contractors as necessary.  The staff reports to a Chief Operating Officer, who is responsible to the WDCA Board.  The Community Association provides continuity between the various Wild Dunes neighborhoods by ensuring architectural integrity, maintaining common properties, providing services to owners, promoting Community pride and protecting property values.  All property owners are members of the Community Association.

NOTE:  In addition to the Wild Dunes Community Association, there are 28 regime associations in Wild Dunes representing over 1,400 properties.  These regime associations maintain the common properties within their neighborhoods.

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