Governing Documents

General Information

The governing documents provide the legal foundation under which the community operates. In a planned community such as Wild Dunes, the declaration (master deed) creates the common theme of the community.

The governing documents contain the covenants and restrictions that regulate owners behavior, bind all owners in interlocking relationships, establish association responsibilities and define the owners rights and obligations. Covenants and restrictions “run with the land”; thus, responsibilities under the documents are transferred to subsequent owners.

Covenants & Restrictions with Amendments

The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of the Community Association defines the property subject to the governing documents, delineates membership and voting rights in the Association, outlines the functions and services the Association is authorized to provide and provides the mechanism for financial support of the Association through assessments.

Covenants & Restrictions with Amendments (PDF)

By-Laws with Amendments

The By-Laws are formally adopted governing regulations for the administration and management of the Community Association. The By-Laws below address membership in the Association, the protocol for membership meetings, the management of the Association by a Board of Directors and the Directors’ authority and duties.

By-Laws (PDF)

Covenants for Properties with Amendment

The Covenants for Properties govern the development and use of residential properties in the Wild Dunes Planned Development District which have been made subject to the Covenants by deed reference. The Architectural Review authority of the Community Association is derived from the Covenants for Properties.

Covenants for Properties (PDF)

Standard Operating Procedures

The Standard Operating Procedures are the community’s rules and regulations which have been approved by the Board of Directors. All property owners and guests are expected to abide by the Procedures while in Wild Dunes.

Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)

Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan will serve as the foundation and the stimulus for the actions needed to achieve the community’s vision.

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Appendix A Resource Data.pdf

Appendix B Resource Data Links.pdf

2013 Comprehensive Plan (PDF)